Frequently Asked Questions


How do you use one?

 Cleanse with mild soap and water and hold in your hands to set the intention for the crystal.  Gently and lovingly insert the larger side into the vagina first and enjoy!  Once it is in, your body will naturally respond to the stimulus while you go about your day, whether it is errands, going to the gym, doing yoga or meeting with friends.  Sleeping with it in is also enjoyable!  Play around and find out the pleasures it will bring.  Keeping in mind this is like exercise so know your limit and play within it! 

What are the precautions?

 Do not use while menstruating and if you feel discomfort or pain, discontinue use.  Cramping might occur if left in to long, simply remove and give yourself a rest.  Be careful when using the toilet because you do not want it fall in.  Do not use if cracked or damaged(scratches on the surface are okay) Do not use if you are pregnant, have an IUD, infection or open sores.  Do not use if you have a bladder, vaginal or rectal prolapse.  Never use in the rectum and if there is concern of risk, contact your MD. 


How often should I wear my ‘Pet’?

It’s recommend to start with about 1-2 hours 1-3 times a week.  Once you get an idea of what to expect it can be worn for up to 12 hours.   Always trust your intuition but no longer than 12 hours a day.  If you find that you have trouble holding it in as you walk around then you should start with just sitting with it a few times a week for 10 or 15 minutes and focus on squeezing your pelvic muscles and seeing if you can feel it.  Over time your strength will increase so that you can walk around with it. 

What if I can’t feel it inside?

 It is completely normal if you cannot feel it at all times.  Your ‘Yoni Pet’ is to help bring awareness to your vagina and g-spot.  Engaging your pelvic muscles or being in certain positions will allow you feel it more. 


Can it get stuck or lost inside?

 Your ‘Yoni Pet’ can only travel so far and will not go past the cervix.   By having it inside, it presses reflexology points simulating the tissues, organs and muscles. 


What are the benefits from wearing a ‘Yoni Pet’?

 It increases  libido and lubrication (even after menopause), balances hormones, tightens, tones and strengthens pelvic muscles and tissues, promotes nerve growth and increases sensitivity opening up to different and new kinds of pleasure, more intense orgasms and fulfilling sex, helps with incontinence, prevents future prolapse of organs, soothes and aides in recovery after childbirth.


How do you remove it?

 Simply remove it by squatting and gently pushing.  You can help by hooking it with a clean finger.  Be gentle, do not push hard to avoid any uncomfortable sensations.  Wash it and store in the bag for the next time. 

What else can I do with a Yoni Pet?

 It can be used externally as a massage tool elevating tension and stress for a calm, soothing effect.  Put in the freezer and use on your face and neck in the morning or if you have a headache.   It also can be placed around you or held for comfort, it has a similar feeling of when you are holding a loving pet. 

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